Gardens and terraces

A lively garden to walk around, terraces to enjoy the summer and sip an aperitif at sunset make the difference to enjoy your free time.

Piante Grasse TerrazziSucculents grown on windowsills, balconies, terraces and gardens can give us great satisfaction. Sometimes you just have to choose the plants you like best, but sometimes having a trusted consultant who knows all the secrets of plants is essential. Yes because depending on the needs of those who live in the house, the soil, the temperature, exposure to the sun and other details can choose the right plants to have a lasting result over time.

For the second houses will select plants that allow you to return even after very long times and still find a lively exotic garden.

Piante Grasse sui Terrazzi e GiardiniFor the interiors, there are other types of plants capable of being appreciated in the right place as a design object.

There are plants that bloom and amaze, collectible plants so rare or so large that even by themselves they are able to give great luster to your environment both indoors and outdoors.

To make the right choice, we therefore offer various services:

  • Support in the selection and implementation of gardens, terraces and flowered balconies with succulents, cactus, succulents
  • Assistance and advice on plants purchased in the long term
  • Choice of pots combined with the plant
  • Possibility of home delivery