Our succulents and Cactus

Cactus :
Cactus SanremoCactus of a thousand shapes and colors, columnar or round to decorate your garden or terrace in a way that is always original. The cacti furnish with little maintenance, they flourish and create garden, reaching over 100 years of age.

Cactuses are plants able to stay at high temperatures both cold and hot, and you can choose to take them away in our trendy pots, in compositions or if you have them directly in the ground of your garden.

Sanremo SucculentAll succulents that do not have thorns are defined as Succulents. They have the most varied shapes and colors, they decorate the interior and color and the exterior.

They are versatile plants and able to adapt to different temperatures, able to withstand drought even for long periods thanks to the stored water.

Plants belonging to this category often come from genetically distant families, but environmental adaptation has changed their appearance to make similar individuals in reality very different from each other.

Plants and pot compositions:
Sanremo pottery compositionsWith the compositions of succulents you can decorate the rooms of the house and are an excellent gift idea for every occasion.

Our experts will support you in the creation of your personalized composition as well as you can choose from a wide variety of proposals and ideas.

Rarity for collectors:
Rare plants for collectors in SanremoWe have been dedicating ourselves for years to the research of cacti for collection to expand and propose the greatest diversity possible.

If you are looking for a particular and unique variety, you are in the right place! There is only one way to choose, visiting our greenhouses and being accompanied by our experts in the immense vastness of collectible plants.

You will find them all labeled so that each plant is perfectly identifiable with its place of origin. Let yourself be tempted and start your collection. It will not fail to surprise and impress your friends!